Technical management

Development projects can be complex and difficult to understand. Tempioneer can help you with technical management of your projects. Our Technical Managers investigate and manage the introduction of new products, processing and implementations. We can also ensure that existing it project implementation and technical software is developed in the most efficient and effective.

The work involves constant examination of existing methods in order to identify improvements and to solve technical or processing problems as they arise. Considerable liaison with management and project team is necessary to retain a win win result. Project managing the introduction of new software

Key Processes:
The exact nature of the work will depend on the size of the employing organisation.

However, it will almost certainly involve:

  • Liaison with customers to solve technical problems
  • Assist secure new business by providing solutions to new customer/product implementation
  • Project / Manage continuous improvement initiatives and new product development
  • Writing and conducting analysis on technical reports.
  • Work in development teams to introduce new materials, products
  • Advise on the suitability development methods for project implementations
  • Work with customers, designers and developers

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